Fredrick and Antoinette Kearney

Serving in Ghana, Africa

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We arrived on the field on April 2007 and started working with a national pastor 20 miles from our home in the village of Adambrobe. We worked preaching and teaching at the Calvary Baptist Church located at the base of the Lartey and Aburi mountain range. Antoinette taught the children's Sunday school class and our children led sword drills and played the accordion.

In January 2008 the Lord led to start a new work meeting in the compound of our home. We had about 42 people in attendance on our first service. Four months later we officially organized Lighthouse Baptist Church in Tema, a harbor and industrial city of about 200 thousand people, and started meeting in the room of a primary school. Presently the church is growing. On the average we have 16 adults, 23 youths and 30 children who attend church regularly. We are presently meeting under a tent for services and for classes.

We pray that the Lord will provide a place for us to build a church and missions station as during the rainy season months the conditions become unfavorable.

There are many churches in the major cities of Ghana, however there is a longing in the hearts of the people for the truth. There are only about 60 fundamental independent Baptist churches in the whole country of about 27 million people. There are about 15,000 villages in the country of Ghana, many of which are still under the oppressive power of Satan. In the environment where people accept Christ and continue to practice traditional religions, they need to renounce all form of idolatry and trust in Christ Jesus alone, to save them and provide for their every need.

Our Medical outreach has proven to be a means of reaching our people with the Gospel. Through this outreach we've seen families attend church to hear the Gospel and some join the church. I've perform tooth extraction, minor surgeries, check vital signs and administer medicine to the sick.

The adult literacy level is 60‰. 40% of the population gets a secondary education and only 5% of the adult population get a tertiary education. We started a literacy program that is teaching the youth and adults how to read and comprehend the country's second language, English. So far about 10 percent of the students have completed the program and have also been trained to teach, and lead Sunday school and Bible Club. We started with 6 students and we now have 38 students. We believe that every reader is a future Sunday school teacher.

A typical week on the field for me involves, soul winning, literature distribution, school chapel, preaching, discipleship, teaching Bible institute classes as well as soul winning classes, counseling, and medical and dental outreach.

Throughout the course of the years, we've challenged the youth in devotional, Gospel track writing and soul winning presentation competitions. We have held soul winning and missions conferences, a "Because of the Hour" youth conference. Ladies, boys and girls retreats, a Christmas play, Puppet shows, mother-daughter tea, father-son tea, watch-night and vision night services teacher's appreciation day, care takers' Sunday, Kings Kids Bible club, Baptist Youth Camp and presently have a church choir. The Lord has allowed us to see much fruit.

Our accomplished and future ministry goals are to plant churchesusing the following tools:

evangelize using Gospel literature, a literacy program, and medical and dental care, baptize and disciple new converts, and train nationals in our Bible Institute. We cannot do it alone. As we look to the future, please join us in prayer, that God would provide 12 men in this upcoming year to be trained in our two year Bible Institute to plant more fundamental, independent, Bible preaching and teaching Baptist churches in the eastern coastal areas and remote villages of Ghana.

We need people who will partner with us by prayer, by finances and by joining us in this uttermost part of the earth. Who will help us make a difference as we plant churches and evangelize the lost in Ghana?

You can take missions trips to teach VBS, provide medical and dental outreaches, teach Bible Institute, train literacy program teachers, provide KJV Study Bibles and Sunday school materials.

We look forward to the Acree family coming to help us in the church planting efforts as they also use their gifts and talents to minister in the music, youth and puppet ministry. Will you ask God how He would have you to partner with the Kearneys as we endeavor to make a difference working in the field of Ghana.


A typical Sunday morning; preaching the word of God

A group of faithful Kings Kids Bible clubbers

Pastor baptizing Bro. Francis

Checking Sis. Esther's heart beat/breathing

Sis. Gifty and her two sons. Alex and Charles

Bro. John and his Family

Stephen leading sword drill

Wednesday morning chapel at Tema Ridge School

Because of the Hour youth Conference

Stone lodge Boys Camping trip 2010

Soulwinning at the Harbor

Stephen using puppets to teach Sunday School

The Bible club, presenting a love offering to Bro. Joseph Arhin

Auntie Nzema's household-faithful members

Pastor baptizing Eunice

Showing Godly love

Mens fellowship


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