What is ARM?

The ARM personnel of BIMI are Assistance & Relief Missionaries who have served the Lord faithfully for many years in missions but are no longer able to carry out the rigorous tasks associated with their previous ministry. These missionaries still have a tremendous amount to offer in the area of worldwide evangelization. Because of their wealth of knowledge, their many years of experience and their continuing service, these missionaries are worthy of support. To learn the details about the life and ministry of a particular Assistance & Relief Missionary, please read the ministry descriptions that correspond with the names listed on the right side of this webpage. Those serving in the ARM forces of BIMI are vital to the cause of missions. Our Commander in Chief has given us the assignment of fulfilling the Great Commission until He calls us home. The names you see here represent missionaries with an undying passion to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

How Do ARM Personnel Compare to Retired Missionaries?

Generally, ARM personnel have left their original field of service but actively maintain a meaningful level of service through BIMI. In comparison, a Retired Missionary is not required to fulfill any particular role through BIMI and thus, may or may not be "officially" serving in missions. All of the funds that are received for Retired Missionaries are used for ministry needs or forwarded on to them as retirement income.

When does a missionary retire?

How are ARM Personnel Supported?

Assistance & Relief Missionaries need the support of local churches. In many cases ARM personnel are receiving Social Security or another similar type(s) of income but need the supplemental support of churches. All BIMI missionaries have raised support from local churches. When that support was raised, not much thought was given to when it would end. In fact, in many cases it was understood that support would continue until the missionary entered heaven. For those who have joined BIMI in recent years, a retirement plan has been prepared for them. They contribute to this plan monthly, which will help them to be ready for their retirement years. However, many of the missionaries who are retiring today joined BIMI prior to this plan and are counting on the continued support of their churches. Since each situation is different, it is important that supporters personally contact Assistance & Relief Missionaries to inquire about their needs. You can also contact BIMI with any questions that you have. Finally, we would add that ARM personnel need your prayer support. Please pray that their latter years of ministry would continue to be as fruitful as their earlier years.