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CONNECT with the Commission
Jesus tells us in His Word to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. However, for many of us, this endeavor can seem overwhelming.

Where would I go?
How would I get there?
What would I do once I am there?

BIMI's CONNECT short-term program may be the answer. By joining a CONNECT team, individuals will have an opportunity to use their talents and abilities for the cause of Christ.

Each CONNECT trip is led by experienced BIMI field directors who organize and oversee all necessary details.

Prayerfully consider becoming a part of BIMI CONNECT. You will be glad you did.

CONNECT with the Mission
CONNECT trips are open to anyone 16 years old and older. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The total cost of each trip will vary, depending on the destination; however, the following will be included:
• Meals
• Lodging
• Transportation (from a specific US airport)
• Travel Insurance
• Ministry Expenses (tracts, Bible lessons, and materials)
• Travel Visa (will not include passport expense)
For information on upcoming CONNECT mission trips contact Dan DeLong.

We would love to have you join with a CONNECT missions trip.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Philippines — General Santos & Davao

February 9-21, 2017

Assist the ministries of local churches at different locations on the southern island of Mindanao. Activities will include outreach meetings in the local community and neighborhoods. Spend time with other missionaries at the BIMI Field Conference and learn much about ministry on the foreign field.

Departure - Feb. 9, 2017 (from Chattanooga or Atlanta)
Return - Feb. 21, 2017 (to Chattanooga or Atlanta)

Flights $1700 (USA/Manila - Manila/General Santos - Davao/Manila)
Lodging $600 (12 days @ $50/night)
Food $600 (12 days @ $50/day)
Transportation $100
Insurance $85
Total - $3085

Tentative Itinerary
Departure - Thursday, Feb. 9
Arrival - Friday, Feb. 10
Leave for General Santos - Saturday, Feb. 11
Services at Mt Calvary Baptist Church - Sunday, Feb. 12
Ministry at Mt Calvary BC - Monday thru Thursday
Travel to Davao - Friday, Feb. 17
Ministry at Mt Apo Baptist Church - Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 18-19
Travel to Manila - Monday, Feb. 20
Return to USA - Tuesday, Feb. 21

Dominican Republic

May 23-30, 2017

Cost per person: $650 - includes lodging, insurance, food, and other incidentals (Does Not Include Airfare)

Have you ever wanted to connect with young people in a different country and with a different culture? This remarkable trip is just for you. We will be flying into Las Américas Airport (SDQ) on May 23, 2017, for a week of Connecting with BIMI missionaries and their young people.

Missionaries Jeffri and Pamela Polanco will be accompanying our group. This young BIMI couple is from the Dominican Republic (DR) and will provide special insight into the culture and needs of the Dominican people. As we travel from the southern coast to the northern coast and back, we will be visiting a number of sizable pueblos and giving out tracts and portions of God's Word in the city squares. One day we plan to go to the northern coast and visit Nagua where the Polancos and the Papes are planning on starting a new church.

Our schedule will include visiting a number of BIMI missionaries and participating with them in their ministries. You will be exposed to a Spanish Deaf ministry. You will participate in soul winning visitation, tract distribution, youth rallies, and much more. Special services are being planned to reach people with the Gospel. Two large youth rallies are being organized to connect with many Dominican young people.

While touring the country, we will have time to sample café con leche and quesitos. We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the local food. Each day there will be opportunities to learn and use a little more Spanish.

On our final day in the DR, we plan to go to the mercado for some last minute souvenirs. This will top off a great week in the Dominican Republic as we distribute Gospel tracts.

It is our prayer that God will use this Connect Trip to open your eyes to the need of reaching the people of the Dominican Republic for Christ. Prayerfully consider that God may call you to serve Him in the wonderful country of the Dominican Republic.

For more information contact Garry Sprunger BIMI Caribbean Director

Canada — Montreal

June 15–23, 2017

We invite you to join Eric and Melissa Léveillé for an eye opening and heart warming experience beginning in Montreal, Quebec, and branching out in day trips to Quebec City and Ottawa, Ontario. We also have an overnight excursion to the Toronto, Ontario, area. There will be interaction with BIMI church planters and opportunities for involvement in ministry in these great cities of Canada.

The cost for each person is $995 plus your airfare to Montreal from your home location. We have room for a total of 8 on this trip. We will be staying in one motel for most of the trip except for the overnight trip to the Toronto area. At this cost you will need to pair up in the motel room, so we encourage you to bring your spouse or a friend to share your room. We will be eating out for some meals and others will be prepared at the church kitchen. Eric Léveillé, our host and guide for the trip, will drive us together in a spacious van.

June 15 — Fly to Montreal from your home location. Try to arrive early afternoon.
June 16 — Tour the city of Montreal
June 17 — Prayertime and preparation for Sunday services
June 18 — Involvement in an established church and a new church plant
June 19 — Day trip to the capital of Canada — Ottawa, Ontario
June 20 — Day trip to historic Quebec City — Pack your walking shoes
June 21 — Overnight trip to the Toronto area. Attend Faithway Baptist Church
June 22 — Five-hour drive back to Montreal. Pack your bags.
June 23 — Reflect on your trip and consider how God can use you in Canada
Back to airport in late morning

For more information contact Steve Stone BIMI Far North Director at 864-633-6481

Spain — Dos Hermanas

June 23 — July 3, 2017
By Ed Hembree, Europe Director

This was our first CONNECT Trip to Europe. We were blessed to have a total of 9 individuals, including me, participate in this effort. The group was comprised of 6 ladies and 3 men. There was an age range from older adult all the way to a teenager who is interested in serving as a missionary. Four of our group were Spanish-speaking, which really helped. Often, when a group visits a foreign-speaking mission field, it is a challenge to find enough interpreters. The group bonded immediately and everyone worked hard and interacted with the missionaries as well as with the Spaniards. It was great to see such a spirit of camaraderie and a desire to serve. There was not one complaint the whole trip through!

Spain was our first choice because it is a field of Europe often overlooked or avoided. It is perceived as very stony ground. To be truthful, as all of you well know, all of Europe is stony ground; however, if the Lord of the harvest calls a missionary to a particular field, He has a purpose and will give them fruit!

This we found to be the case in Dos Hermanas (Seville) with Justin and Grace Hayes and Michael and Jen Helton. These families have only been in this location two years but are meeting regularly with 12 to 14 people and are soon to officially charter their church. The Lord is really blessing their work. This is a ministry in the “ground stages” of growth, so most of their labor involves contacting as many people as possible and getting their name out. Our group was able to assist in a citywide canvass of Dos Hermanas. We distributed about 11,500 pieces of literature, which amounted to approximately 40% of the city. This effort represented several weeks of work saved for the missionaries. We pray that God uses the literature we gave out to touch the hearts of some sincere seekers.

We finished our trip in Parla (Madrid) with Julio and Andrea Velasquez and their church family. Brother and Mrs. Velasquez have been with BIMI since 1980 and in their current location for about seven years. Every seat was filled and the service was wonderful. Here our CONNECT group got to see the fruit of labor just like what we did in Dos Hermanas. In due season...if we faint not, God will do a work. In addition to this main, established work, Julio and Andrea are helping with a new church plant just two years old and about an hour away on the north side of the city of Madrid.

So, we were able to see an infant work and a well-established work. This helps to give an idea of what it takes to get from point “A” to point “Z.” Several members of the group were very much enlightened about what is really involved in starting a new church on the mission field.

God used the CONNECT group in a very practical way to help the missionaries and God used the missionaries in a wonderful way to minister to the members of the group. Our prayer, of course, is that we would see new missionaries called to the field as a result of their looking on the fields that are white already to harvest.

Honduras — Santa Lucia, El Progresso, Danli, Campamento

July 12–21, 2017

Total cost per person, $780 (not including airfare).

Wednesday / Arrival in Tegucigapla – Travel to Santa Lucia
Thursday – Santa Lucia
Friday – Travel to Danlí
Saturday – Danlí
Sunday – Danlí
Monday – Travel to Campamento
Tuesday – Campamento
Wednesday – Travel to El Progreso
Thursday – El Progreso
Friday – Return to US

Our trip to Honduras will provide each member of our team a full-circle view of the many aspects of missions and missionaries in a Latin American country. We will be visiting four church planting works. They are all different types of ministries in different climates, in different areas of the country, and with different groups of people.

El Progreso, Yoro
El Progreso is the third largest city in Honduras with many of the conveniences that you might find in the United States. The ministry of Team Honduras, headed up by Matt and Dallita Goins, is a church planting ministry with an expanding orphanage, a deaf ministry, and a medical outreach planned for the future.

Santa Lucia, Francisco Morazán
Santa Lucia is a quaint mountain town with cobblestone streets. Evan and Carmen Williams are the church planting missionaries here. From this town just 45 minutes outside the capital of Tegucigalpa, they are reaching into the capital area with several Home Bible Study groups that hope to become new church plants. A Bible institute has been started, and they have plans to start a Christian grade school. There is also an outreach to the local school for the blind.

Campamento, Olancho
Campamento is a country town two and a half hours to the east of Tegucigalpa. The Department (state) of Olancho has been called the “Old West” of Honduras. You will not find a McDonald's in this town, but you will find Daniel and Abigail Jacobo and their church plant. One of the methods used by the Jacobos to reach out to the community is teaching English and other subjects in the local schools.

Danlí, Paraiso
Danlí is just 20 minutes north of the Nicaraguan border. In Danlí we will visit the ministries of Alan and Becky Jackson and Jason and Cassy Tate. Alan Jackson has planted a strong church in the city, and Jason Tate has joined in the work and several more churches have been started. They have ministries with the local police force and the military. These missionaries are also reaching out to national pastors who need more Bible training in small mountain churches. They host a weeklong intensive pastors' school that helps strengthen these pastors in doctrine and practical aspects of the ministry.

You will be blessed by visiting all these ministries and seeing how God is working in each place. Make your plans now to be a part of this great opportunity.

For more information contact Terry Jones BIMI Central America Director at (423) 344-5050

Amazon Outreach — Med-Evangelism

July 24–August 3, 2017 (10 days)

Post Trip Update - August 2017

God can use me!

This was the statement we heard several times on our recent Amazon trip. God brought together an eclectic team of people with differing personalities, nationalities, and life skills; but one main purpose is to take the Gospel to those who have never heard of Christ. The 2017 team consisted of medical personnel, missionaries, and laymen from the USA, five Brazilian churches, Colombians, and one Missionary Kids (MK) from the Dominican Republic.

This year we partnered once again with Jon and Steph Hernandez, meeting in the town of Tabatinga, Brazil. There we had our orientation meeting, at which time we divided up responsibilities. By splitting our group into two teams, the evangelistic team and the medical team, we can more effectively focus our efforts in the villages. We launched out from there to travel up the Amazon River to the village of Puerto Nariño. There we made our base for the remainder of the trip. Each day we traveled by boat and canoe up the various tributaries, where we held med-evangelism clinics in the different villages in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. We also held services in two established churches as well as ministering in villages where there are no churches. Often it is challenging working with several languages. Usually, we are able to communicate in Portuguese and Spanish, but often we are confronted with a tribal language. Such was the case in some of the Ticuna Indian villages, where we were allowed to minister.
Yea, so have I strived to preach the gospel, not where Christ was named, lest I should build upon another man's foundation Romans 15:20.
A catalyst to plant churches in villages where there is no church of any kind
As we travel to the different river villages, we partner with national pastors who are working in those areas. In the villages where they have established churches, we labor together with them to strengthen those works and reach new people with the Gospel. In the villages where there are no churches, the clinics open doors of opportunity and people come to us, giving us an opening to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard of Christ. The national workers then follow up on those who are reached, providing discipleship and establishing a preaching point. This makes possible a church plant in villages that have no church of any kind. There were two such villages where we held clinics last year. The Ticuna Indian village of San Mateos was one of those villages we visited last year. After our clinic the chief requested that a worker be sent to establish a church in their village. Today there is a Baptist church in this village, which is the only church of any kind. Also, on our 2016 CONNECT Trip we held a clinic in the Vila Andrea village. At that time there was no church of any kind. This year we revisited the village to hold another clinic. Upon arriving, Pastor Nixon lead us to a group of villagers who were recently baptized in the river. There is now a Baptist church being planted in this village!
To God Be The Glory

556 people treated in mobile medical clinics

27 souls personally led to Christ

18 volunteers serving on the team

4,000 Gospel booklets distributed in two languages 500 Bibles, New Testaments, John & Romans given out

250 students given the Gospel in the public school

8 villages reached, two with new church plants where there is no church of any kind

4 pastors helping and following up on converts

3 countries where the Gospel was preached and ministered—Brazil, Peru, and Colombia

More information at www.amazonforchrist.org.

Watch a short video »

Continue the mission of the Great Physician and be a part of the 2017 Amazon Team! In July we will travel to the remote regions of the Amazon basin with a team of volunteer medical personnel and evangelists. The provision of medical care is a key which opens the door in areas otherwise left closed to the Gospel message. Make yourself a part of this team by going as a volunteer or giving towards the purchase of Bibles and medicine!

The Place of the greatest need is often the most difficult to access. Amazon's Vale do Javari holds the largest concentration of uncontacted people anywhere on earth. We will travel by boat up the Amazon River and other tributaries, evangelizing villages in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia.

The People in the Vale do Javari are made up of three groups: the local fishing villages, called ribeirinhos, the indigenous tribes, and the uncontacted tribes. We will focus our work among the fishing villages or ribeirinhos where Portuguese and Spanish are the predominate languages.

The Purpose of our Med-evangelism Team is to work with our national pastors to evangelize villages where they are presently working and in areas which they seek to open for new church plants. The Amazon is one of the least evangelized regions of Latin America. Our team will be involved in treating people clinically through the mobile med clinics and spiritually through organized mass evangelism.

Our team will experience firsthand several aspects unique to the Amazon: Jungle Boat Ministry, Três Fronteiras, Monkey Island, and Dolphin Bay.

Participant Profile: Ages 18–60 men and women with a heart for missions and medical professionals

Accommodations: Hotels, local housing, boat

Travel/Transportation*: Leaving from Miami and traveling by plane to Leticia, Colombia, and traveling by boat up the Amazon River and other tributaries into Brazil, Colombia, and Peru

Trip Details
• Airfare, lodging, transport, and meals included
• Jungle and River Boat ministry
• Medical clinics with evangelistic focus
• Gospel outreach in villages
• Ministry in local churches and schools
• Firsthand missions experience
• Ministry in Brazil, Peru, and Colombia
* A valid US passport is needed.

For more information contact Sean Lunday BIMI Brazil Director

Candidate & Deputation Director

Rev. Dan & Sandra DeLong

Read more about the DeLongs. He can be contacted through the BIMI office at (423) 344-5050.

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Southeast Asia Director

Steven & Christy Maldoff

Read more about the Maldoffs. He can be contacted through the BIMI office at (423) 344-5050.

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