March 2017

It is not always easy to understand God’s plan. The trials of life can be severe. However, even in the midst of hardships, God will use us if we keep our eyes on Him. Missionary Jeremy Pittman (Uganda) shared the following story in his latest prayer letter about the way God used him in the midst of a difficult time.

I received a call from my father informing me of my mother being in ICU. Doctors feared the worst for my mother as I boarded a flight from Uganda to Washington, D.C. I had a layover in Ethiopia for eight long hours where few spoke English, and I wondered if I would see mom again.

I was pushing my luggage cart around the airport when I heard an Ethiopian Airport official speaking perfect American English. I later learned she was fluent in four other languages.

I gave her a Gospel tract and we started a long conversation in which she ultimately asked why God allowed bad things to happen to good people. She explained that her brother was murdered several years ago and she wondered why God allowed his life to be taken. I asked her if I could open my Bible and help her see some potential answers to her question, and we spent the next two hours going through the Scriptures.

It was such a joy when she told me that she wanted to be saved. Upon putting her faith in Christ and going over some more verses concerning her eternal security, she asked me to stay and continue to answer questions for another hour.

This Ethiopian woman asked why I was even at this airport. I told her why I was traveling and said that I had no plans to be in Ethiopia. However, God had used a “bad thing” to give me the opportunity to give her the Gospel. She started to cry and said, “Thank you so much; I have such peace and joy in my heart.” Please pray for this new Christian and for my mom’s continuing health issues.

Thank you for your support of our missionaries as they serve God—even while enduring tribulation. May the Lord richly bless you!

In Christ,
David H. Snyder
John 15:16

President/General Director

David & Barb Snyder

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