What is CAMP BIMI?

There are countless people who wonder about God’s calling and missions. They have sincere and relevant questions. However, they do not know where to get straightforward answers. Look no further! You have found the place!

Basic International Missionary Institute

Camp BIMI 2019 Visiting Missionary

We are looking forward to having the Mach family with us for Camp BIMI 2019. They have participated in Camp BIMI many times in the past and we are glad they have agreed to be with us once again.

Soon after Bob’s salvation while in high school, he felt the Lord directing him into missions. He then majored in missions in college. During this time, Bob had the opportunity to take a missions trip to Togo, West Africa. The Lord used this trip to direct him to Sub-Saharan West Africa. The Lord narrowed his field to the country of Côte d’Ivoire through prayer and speaking with missionaries and mission board representatives. Bob and his wife, Rebekah, joined Baptist International Missions, Inc., in December 1991. After 16 months of deputation and one year of language school, they arrived in Côte d’Ivoire in September 1995. The Lord enabled them to establish a church and Bible institute, training men for the ministry. Pastored by one of the men they trained, the church continues to this day. In the succeeding years, they were involved in planting and developing a church ministry in the city of Bingerville. Through this church, they have established many ministries to reach out into the community. Their literacy center evangelizes Muslims; their basketball center evangelizes youth; their village ministry evangelizes in the villages around Bingerville.

What are the benefits of CAMP BIMI?

• Camp BIMI is staffed by experienced BIMI missionaries who answer all your questions.

• A strong foundation in missions is provided.

• Forty hours of classes pertaining to preparation and reality of missionary life and service are taught.

• No one is "talked into missions."

• Each one is educated beyond the concept of adventure and excitement that usually surrounds the idea of being a missionary. Some do change their minds by week's end and that is good because they can then discover what special things the Lord has for them to accomplish in another area of ministry or vocation.

• Churches and pastors are benefited. Camp BIMI helps to prevent missionary dropouts in the future. From the time students know missions is God's calling, until they leave for the field, we are available to our alumni!

Why is CAMP BIMI necessary?

Our goal is to combat missionary casualties. Thus, Camp BIMI teaches participants the realities of missionary life and service before they make that final commitment.

Dr. Gerry Baughman, founder of Camp BIMI, stated, "Speaking from experience and exposure in missions since 1965, I have listened intently as missionaries, from many mission boards, sadly share why they left the mission field." Each story has a common thread. In response, we have strategically targeted those "thread" areas and designed a focused, yet relaxing, environment to educate and encourage potential missionaries.

It is important to understand that Camp BIMI will not replace your college education, even if you are a mission’s major. It is comparable to a college modular (seven days in length) and will further enhance your preparation for the mission field. Several Christian colleges give college credits for those who complete Camp BIMI. Camp BIMI I covers the basics of missions. Camp BIMI II is comprised of advanced classes and practical workshops for those continuing to actively pursue missionary life and service. Camp BIMI III covers critical topics that challenge, advise and encourage alumni in their pursuit of missions.

SMART is Student Missionary Apprentice Reality Training, and it is exclusively for Camp BIMI alumni who are 18 years of age or older. Several Christian colleges give college credit for the completion of a SMART trip.

Why is it unique? Because it is designed to simulate actually being a missionary and going through each process from beginning to end—from deputation to furlough—and everything in between. Upon completion of a “mini-deputation,” SMART team members travel to two culturally distinct fields for a period of four weeks. Complete immersion—living as the people do, eating national foods, learning new languages, and participating in various ministries—helps participants KNOW if missions is really for them. SMART provides excellent practical exposure to a wide variety of cultural differences and missionary work. All SMART students are evaluated and must be involved in Bible and tract distribution, evangelism through a national church, and a physical work project. Upon their return, team members are required to create displays, compose prayer letter reports, and present their ministries to their home churches.

Our next SMART Trip is scheduled for May 20–29, 2019. We are planning to be with BIMI missionaries Mike and Cindy Haley in Botswana, Africa. The trip will be led by our Africa Director, Eric Bohman. Please remember that you must have attended Camp BIMI I in order to participate in a SMART Trip.

Who may attend CAMP BIMI?

• Must be at least age 16 or entering junior year of high school

• College students and single professionals (any age)

• Married couples (any age)

What is required?

Do you fit in one of these three categories?
• Definitely called to full-time missionary service
• Definitely called to full-time service but searching for the specific area of service—open to missions
• Not called yet but totally surrendered to what the Lord wants you to do

Are you…

• Active in your local church?

Where is CAMP BIMI?

Camp BIMI is located at BIMI's beautiful World Missions Center, 8614 Harrison Bay Road, Harrison, Tennessee, just outside Chattanooga and across from Harrison Bay State Park.

Email CAMP BIMI (or view Email Address)
(423) 344-5050

When is CAMP BIMI?

Generally, Camp BIMI is held the last week of June and/or the first week of July, depending on the schedules and number of potential students.

Scheduled Dates for 2019
June 24–29, 2019

How much does CAMP BIMI Cost?

• The cost for Camp BIMI is $349.

• There is a 10% discount for those who pay in full by March 1 (making the total cost $314.10 after the discount is applied).

• A non-refundable deposit of $75 is required when the full application is submitted.
How do I apply to CAMP BIMI?

• Begin by filling out the Preliminary Application by clicking here. This will begin your application process.

• During the first part of January, you will receive the full application for Camp BIMI. After receiving the full application, please complete and return it as soon as possible along with your $75 non-refundable deposit. If you pay in full by March 1, there is a 10% discount (making the total cost $314.10 after the discount is applied).

CAMP BIMI Director

David & Barb Snyder
Read more about the Snyders. He can be contacted through the BIMI office (423) 344-5050.

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CAMP BIMI Assistant Director

Eric & Lori Bohman

Read more about the Bohmans.
He can be contacted through the BIMI office: (423) 344-5050.

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CAMP BIMI Assistant Director

Steven & Christy Maldoff

Read more about the Maldoffs. He can be contacted through the BIMI office at (423) 344-5050.

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