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Update - March 27, 2017

As I write this letter, I am sitting on the plane, traveling back to America with an unbelievable heart of excitement. For the last two weeks, Steven Maldoff and I have traveled all across the country of Papua New Guinea, sharing with pastors and churches the tremendous opportunity that will soon be on their shores. Working on the logistics of transport and distribution of the Bibles was also a part of this very important trip.

National Capital District Pastors

On the first Sunday in the country, I had the privilege of speaking at the Morata Baptist Church in Port Moresby. This church is pastored by Holmes Tako, a native of Papua New Guinea. He is on our DVD and traveled to the United States to help promote the Bible Distribution. At the end of the morning service, two adult men trusted Christ as their Savior. What a blessing!

On Monday we met with 12 pastors from the Capital District to discuss the future distribution. The reception and excitement was extremely infectious. They are truly ready to go to work.

Educational Department Officials

On Tuesday Holmes Tako, Steven Maldoff, and I met with the government officials to work on many of the details of the project. They would like to officially launch the distribution of the Bibles in the capital, Port Moresby, with all the officials and national media present. They are extremely thankful that we are willing to do this. On Tuesday evening we spoke in a local Bible college. These are the future pastors of the country. God gave us liberty to teach and answer questions from these students.

Mount Hagan Pastors

Wednesday morning, we flew out to Mt. Hagan in the mountains. This is a city in the Western Highlands that cannot be reached by driving. We had a great Wednesday night service and then a special fellowship with pastors from multiple provinces: Western Highlands, Southern Highlands, Chimbu, Enga, and Jiwaka. Many of the 17 pastors traveled hours around landslides and washed out roads to attend and to learn how they might assist in the delivery. The effort made was unbelievable! God is certainly putting a team together to spread His Word.

Goraka Pastors

Due to the washed out roads and landslides on Friday morning, we arose at 3:00 AM for an early flight to the city of Lae. After a morning meeting with our shipping agent, we traveled six and a half hours up another set of mountains to the city of Goraka. Words fail to properly describe the road conditions. Narrow mountain roads, rock slides, mud slides, and potholes as large as eight feet long and one and a half deep were a common sight on this particular day. We had hoped to meet at 3:00 PM, but because of the road conditions, we did not arrive until 5:00 PM that day. I thought many of the pastors would have gone due to our lateness but to our surprise, 23 pastors patiently waited for us to arrive. I wish we could bottle that excitement, enthusiasm, and thankfulness that these men possessed to show and share in the United States.

Honorary Clan Chiefs

The trip down the mountain back to Lae only took us five and one-half hours. We pulled into the Haven of Rest Baptist Church, the home of Lae Baptist Bible College, to a welcoming crowd of almost 100 people. The next day we preached and had another meeting with pastors. Eight pastors enthusiastically responded to the plans for the Bible distribution. Steven Maldoff and I were honored with becoming special Chiefs of a village clan.

The following Tuesday, we traveled to the largest public school in the capital, Gerahu Secondary School. As we met in the principal’s office, the rain began to fall. I immediately sensed an urgency to pray for the rain to stop, knowing that it would cancel our meeting with the over 2,000 students as the assembly of that capacity could only be held outside. I then asked the principal if we could pray. As the five of us bowed our heads, I began to pray aloud but the rain seemed to increase in intensity. For a brief moment my faith wavered. Then the Holy Spirit calmed my fears as I sensed that there were others in the United States and in other countries as well who were praying for this project. Over 2,300 students listened as I gave my testimony and presentation of the Gospel. What a mighty God we serve! They have asked to be the first school in Papua New Guinea to receive the Bibles. When it was announced that we would be back the end of May with the Bibles, they cheered loudly. It is hard to imagine teenagers from 9th to 12th grade cheering about receiving Bibles but they did like those at a ball game in the States.

Your prayer support and financial contributions have enabled us to do what deems to be an impossible task. Please pray as the first containers are on their way to Papua New Guinea. We have a total of 330,000 Bibles on the way, which is enough to do all of the secondary schools (Phase 1) and a portion of the elementary schools (Phase 2). I will be returning mid-May to receive the containers and to begin the distribution. We plan on doing as many as possible until June 24 when all schools close for two weeks and the government votes to elect their new government. We will be able to continue after July 8 until we are finished. We will continue to put updates on the website as we proceed. Thank you again for your support and prayers.

Alan & Donna Brooks

Update - January 16, 2017

Dear Partners and Supporters in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Bible Distribution,

As we begin this new year, our prayer is that God will be glorified. Looking back at 2016, we rejoice in the trials and victories, but now God has given us a brand new year to seek to fulfill what He has called us to be and do for Him.

In early December during the Board of Trustees meeting at the World Missions Center, I had the pleasure of introducing Pastor Holmes Tako and his wife, Prisilla. Pastor Tako is the pastor of Morato Baptist Church in Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea. He is one of the key leaders in setting up the meetings with government officials, and he is instrumental in recruiting nationals in helping with the Bible distribution. It has been a joy to travel together and share what God is doing.

God has been bringing in the needed funds for Phase 1 (secondary schools) of the Bible Distribution. As of this writing, over $675,000 has been received toward the Phase 1 goal of $825,000. By faith we have ordered the printing of the first 275,000 Bibles.

After much prayer and counsel, the decision was made to attempt to be in PNG distributing the Phase 1 Bibles by the end of April or first of May. This date is approximate as we wait on notification as to when the Bibles will be shipped and then arrive in PNG.

One reason for the haste on trying to accomplish Phase 1 is that in July there will be a national election in PNG. We have been assured that even a new government cannot stop this project, as it is written in stone as far as they are concerned, but the danger falls into the period of time during the elections. We have been strongly advised not to be traveling countrywide during that period. Elections in developing countries can turn quite dangerous for foreigners. After my experience on my last trip, being robbed at gunpoint, wisdom is the better part of valor. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

We are praying that the rest of the funds for Phase 1 will come in before we head over. Also, if God would touch hearts, it would save money if we would be able to purchase at least three extra containers (165,000 Bibles) to ship some of the Phase 2 Bibles (elementary schools) to many of the extremely remote and difficult islands. The boats and transports will cost approximately the same and it would be good to do them all at the same time. God knows what is best. Please pray!

In March we will be traveling to PNG to begin meetings concerning the logistics and distribution of Phase 1 Bibles. There will be much travel as we meet with local contacts in each of the provinces and acquire distribution centers to store the Bibles. Many of the places are not easily accessed. Would you please pray that God would give us traveling mercies and favor with those with whom we meet and work? Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder (Isaiah 29:14). Please continue to pray for us and the PNG Bible Distribution as we raise the funds and prepare to distribute the Bibles. BIMI World magazine Volume 52, Number 3, 2016, has an article titled "Sir, May I Please Have a Bible?" that tells how God opened the door for the Bible Distribution. You may email me or text or call me at (423) 504-3132.

Update - October 28, 2016

Robbed at Gunpoint
By Alan Brooks

Front of Parliament

"Get down on the ground! Get down!" Those words echo in my mind. On Friday, September 16, 2016, Pastor Denny Patterson, Nolensville Road Baptist Church, Nashville, Tennessee; Pastor Mindi Pombo, Runway Baptist Church, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG); and I stopped to take a picture of the National House of Parliament in Port Moresby, PNG. Suddenly, six masked men armed with guns and long knives came running out of the bushes screaming "Get down!" Yes, we were being robbed at gunpoint! By the time it was over, we were praising God that no one was hurt, but we had lost our cell phones, our wallets, an iPad, and the car. It was rather strange to be standing in the middle of the street watching our car being driven away and no way of getting help. I turned to the pastors and said, "Oh, well, Romans 8:28 is still in The Book. But what do we do now?" I really was not trying to be spiritual—I guess I was just in total shock. Pastor Mindi turned and said, "Do you know, Pastor, if those boys had been given Bibles in school, they might not have done that."

Preaching to PNG pastors

Our trip had been an unbelievable blessing and a success. Just earlier that week, I had the privilege of speaking to over 800 national, independent pastors at a special pastors' conference in Goroka, PNG. The pastors enthusiastically desire to help distribute the Bibles in the schools in their areas. What a blessing! To hand out over two million Bibles will be a monumental task. Their ownership of this part of the distribution will not only help in the logistical aspect but also give the young people a local contact for the follow-up of this evangelistic effort.

God also allowed me to personally meet many pastors who were reached and trained by faithful missionaries―some who have gone on to glory. John 4:38 states, I sent you to reap that whereon ye bestowed no labour: other men laboured, and ye are entered into their labours. These missionaries have laid a foundation that allows us to minister in such a massive project of sowing God's Word into every young person in the country of PNG. Thirty-five percent of the population is 100% of the future!

Unity Pole in PNG

On the Tuesday before leaving, I had the honor of touring the National House of Parliament. The Honorable Danny Puli, Secretary of Parliamentary Services, graciously took us around to see the First Edition King James Version Bible and the new Unity Pole that has a Bible as the foundation for the nation. I have also been invited to speak at the General Assembly of all the members of the National Parliament. These are the men who direct the whole country similar to our Congress.

Preaching to PNG pastors

We have updated this website to include a list of all the secondary schools and their enrollments if you would like to take a school as a project for your church, school, or Sunday school class. Our fundraising has been going well. Since we started, God has brought in over $300,000. Please pray and give! I would love to be ordering the Bibles for Phase 1 (high schools) by the first of the year. Please also share this Bible distribution project with everyone you know. God wants to do a marvelous work in this country. Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, even a marvellous work and a wonder (Isaiah 29:14).

I would be most happy to come and personally present this project to your church. Please feel free to contact me or by text or phone at (423) 504-3132.
Update — September 14, 2016

On July 31, 2016, I had the privilege officially premiering the Papua New Guinea(PNG) DVD at my sending church in Birmingham, Alabama. Since that time almost 450 DVDs have been requested. Every day the phone rings with requests or comments as to how excited people are about this project. I cannot help but believe that God wants to do a mighty work and a wonder in this country. At this writing, we have received over $110,000 toward our Phase One goal of $810,000. That amount will purchase and deliver 270,000 to the secondary schools of PNG. Please continue to pray.

Many people ask what translation we will be using in PNG. All of the schools are required to teach the children English, therefore, they have requested that we distribute King James Bibles. As a policy, we here at BIMI only use the KJV in English-speaking countries. It is so encouraging to hear how enthusiastic they are for the Word of God. Many have also asked when we hope to be in PNG distributing the Bibles. I wish I truly knew. The time will be determined when the money has been raised. Please pray that it will come in as soon as possible. The longer it takes, the more students will graduate and be out of school. Please pray and give as God leads you.

Pastor Denny Patterson from Nolansville Road Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and I leave for PNG on September 7. Upon arrival, we will be meeting with multiple government officials concerning the logistics of the Bible Distribution. We are also going to receive a list of all of the schools including their enrollments. This will give churches, schools, businesses, and individuals the opportunity to personally sponsor a specific school. During this trip, I will be speaking at several churches and then at a national conference of fundamental Baptists. This will be a great opportunity to organize much of the local help that we will need to accomplish the distribution. Please pray for our traveling and speaking.

While I was praying concerning the different phases of the Bible distribution, God impressed on me the tremendous difference between the phases. It really struck me how the matriculation of each phase drops as the young people get farther along in the school system, especially from phase two to phase one. Phase two (grade 4 through grade 8) is 910,000 children, Phase one (grade 9 through grade 12) is 270,000 young people. We are presently focused on Phase One but we really need to be able to do Phase Two before they drop out of school. In reality, all the phases are important but will you please pray for the funds to come in to BIMI as soon as possible? Send all donations to BIMI, PO Box 9, Harrison, TN 37341 Account #1319 or with the PayPal button above. If your church would like a representative to come and personally share about this project, please contact Alan Brooks or call or text (423) 504-3132. We will also have a short DVD of this project available upon request or by Dropbox. Please check this site for updates and share bimi on facebook.

Update — August 2, 2016

On July 31, 2016, the premiering of the above Papua New Guinea (PNG) video was held at my sending church Glen Iris Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. We look forward to seeing how God is going to use this video to touch the lives of people. The video is approximately six and one half minutes long and available by way of Dropbox to those interested in helping raise the needed funds. We can also send it to you as a DVD by mail upon request. BIMI also has the video on our Facebook page, Please link to this and send to all you can. We also now have printed material to advertise the fundraising phase of this project, which is also available upon request.

I will be leaving for PNG on September 7th with Pastor Denny Patterson of Nolansville Road Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee. Please pray as we will be meeting with government officials and national pastors. There are many logistical plans that must be made in preparation for the distribution of the Bibles.

Thank you for your prayers and financial help as we seek to impact the entire country of Papua New Guinea. Lord willing, we will be updating as often as possible.

In May 2016 a team of BIMI representatives traveled to Papua New Guinea at the invitation of national leaders to meet with the Minister of Education and the leadership of the entire school system in Papua New Guinea. These government leaders had learned that we had provided 221,000 Bibles to every student in all the schools in Fiji.

We met with The Honorable Nick Kuman, Minister of Education; Dr. Uke Kombra, Permanent Secretary; and Dr. Walipi Wingi, Deputy Secretary, and learned how God had been working behind the scenes to prepare the way for this open door. God had placed a dear Christian man, Dr. Walipi Wingi, in a leadership role in the Department of Education—just as Esther in the Old Testament was placed in the right position to be used to deliver the children of God from Haman's anger and vengeance. Dr. Wingi has been placed in the right position for such a time as this. He said in a recent email, "This is God's project and God will ensure we all make this project a reality."

We also learned that the Speaker of the National Parliament had commissioned the purchase of a first edition King James Bible and proclaimed that the King James Bible is to be the official Bible of Papua New Guinea. They then placed it as the centerpiece in the House of Parliament.

"Mr. Prime Minister, we need moral values more than anything else in this nation. You will find that the Bible is the only source that contains those values more than any other Faith document." — The Honorable Theodore Zurenouc

"Receiving this Bible today adds to the sense of significance as we define our nation." — The Honorable Peter O'Neill, Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea

Another preparation was that the Department of Education had recently held a special summit to deal with the moral and discipline problems in the schools. After days of discussion, the final decision was that they needed to get the Bible and Christian values into the schools. This is what motivated the request to "Please help us put God and the Bible in our schools!" We had no idea that God had totally prepared the way for us! During the meeting, the minister asked us to please hold assemblies to share with the students the reason "why the Bible is such a special book."

WOW! What an open door to impact an entire country!

BIMI has set a goal by God's grace to help fulfill their request. We have divided the project into phases. Phase one is to distribute to all of the secondary schools (grades 9–12). This will take 270,000 Bibles. The second phase will be the primary schools (grades 4–8). In the second phase we will need close to one million Bibles. The third phase will consist of the elementary schools (grades 1–3). We will need 910,000 Bibles. The cost to print, ship, and distribute these Bibles is $3 each. The door is open to distribute 2.16 million Bibles.

If your church would like a representative to come and personally share about this project, please contact Alan Brooks or call or text (423) 504-3132. We will also be preparing a short DVD of this project that will be available upon request.

Will you please pray and give to accomplish this unprecedented open door? Donations may be sent to BIMI Account #1319.

Southeast Asia Director

Steven & Christy Maldoff

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