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recounted to those of a younger generation, There is a great deal of discussion about the those stories sometimes seem to be nothing different generations living simultaneously more than historical tales from the distant in the world. The GI Generation, Silent past. Generation, Baby Boomer Generation, Generation X, Millennial Generation, Second, information obtained by the hearer and Generation Z all have their unique is often perceived as not relevant. When characteristics. Generally speaking, it is the an older person gives a life lesson, it is responsibility of older generations to equip sometimes regarded as being and prepare both present beneficial to others but not But ye are a chosen and future generations generation , a royal necessarily helpful the to lesson. the for living productive one hearing lives. There is much to priesthood, an holy nation, Other times, the truth being be learned from older a peculiar people; that ye taught is considered as generations as they reflect should shew forth the praises relevant only to those who on stories from the past. of him who hath called you lived in the past but not to This should be helpful to anyone living in the present. out of darkness into his younger generations as marvellous light. Third, although change they live present-day life often becomes necessary and as they plan for the (1 Peter 2:9—emphasis added) as truth is presented, many future. However, effective listeners refuse to make changes because communication between generations can they feel a response is not required. be extremely challenging Some believe everything will eventually when discussing the past, work out no matter the path chosen. They present, and future. Why is feel that although something is true for it often difficult for current everyone else, it is not necessarily true for generations to understand, them. Sadly, many assume their actions learn from, and/or accept and responses have very little—if any— those of earlier generations? effect on the future. First, younger generations So how does all of this relate to missions? sometimes view the stories All human beings are part of a particular told by older generations as generation based on the time of their not real or exaggerated physical birth. However, because of at best. Those who have David H. Snyder seen the horrors of war or their spiritual birth, believers are part President/General Director lived through the difficulties of the Great of a spiritual generation—a Chosen Depression have trouble putting into Generation. Peter reminds us that as part words what they saw and endured. When of that chosen generation, we have been experiences of extreme circumstances are given the responsibility of showing forth 2 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2017