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Called to Reach My Own People By Akinchan Devkota My ministry is very personal—I am deaf and Nepali—I have been called to reach my own people. Just as the Apostle Paul was burdened for his brethren (Romans 10:1), I am most burdened for the deaf of Nepal. My wife, Snowy, had been up early with our daughter on April 25 when she heard about the earthquake. She woke me immediately and we tried to call my family. Telephone service was not available. We prayed and waited. Four hours later we learned that my immediate family had survived. Some extended family did lose their lives. As reports came in and more pictures and information became available, we were devastated. Buildings were reduced to rubble. My heart was broken for my people. The Deaf in Nepal are often very poor and do not live in well-constructed homes. Many lost everything they had. With the news reports also came stories of other missionaries helping build shelters and helping provide food and relief. This was encouraging but sad in that none mentioned the 192,000 deaf people who live in Nepal. I felt God leading me to go. We are still in the early Rajesh in hospital 8 part of our deputation, but I did not want to miss this opportunity to show God’s love to my people. Snowy, Pastor Rempel, and Southeast Asia Director Steven Maldoff encouraged me to raise funds and go. A letter to our supporters brought an amazing response. Within a month, God provided the amount needed for a month-long trip to Nepal to provide relief materials to 25 deaf families and 50 deaf children. I was able to show God’s love and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Rajesh Ganeju and his wife are a deaf couple who live in Bhaktapur, near Kathmandu. Their house was completely destroyed. They were home when the earthquake struck. Rajesh and their daughter were both severely injured by Rajesh’s home Rajesh’s wife & daughter