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Southeast Asia Earthquake Gives Ministry Opportunities By James Tamang Earthquake Anticipated Nepal’s disaster was foretold by many geologists and seismologists. The last earthquake occurred in 1933 and we were due for another! I had heard of the possibility of an earthquake and had seen suggestions for preparing for an emergency situation. We wondered how we would store emergency supplies for more than 20 people. The Lord gave us peace and reminded us that He takes care of our needs. He did indeed! During the time after the earthquake, He provided shelter from a neighbor who had a trekking company and tents. We were also able to minister and witness to our neighbors. Soon we will be taking in a five-year-old boy who was staying with his grandparents. They were killed in the earthquake. This is the first child we will take as a result of the quake. “Aaio! Aaio!” (Coming! Coming!) On April 25, many pastors and I were preaching in Nepal when we heard the noise. The noise was different—in the sense that most had never heard it before. Many did not know what to do. I had been through a few earthquakes and told my congregation, “Earthquake, get out!” We hurried out to an open field. The ground was shaking so hard we struggled to keep our balance. 4 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2015