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Africa When the Holy Spirit Would Not Let Go The conversion of a young man in South Africa By Roger & Darlene McCrum Darlene and I have been serving with Baptist International Missions in Africa for more than 42 years. God has blessed bountifully during this major portion of our lives. One outstanding highlight of our entire missionary service is the salvation of Sthembiso Mahlangu. We had the privilege of leading him to Christ several years ago and have watched God develop him into a man of God. This was the testimony he gave during his ordination: I came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ when I was fifteen years of age when a pastor by the name of Roger McCrum came to my school and preached the Gospel. The Holy Spirit got hold of my heart so that I was shaking. Right after he finished preaching, I went to the office to seek out this pastor. I wanted to know more about being saved. I wanted to be saved! The principal told me she didn’t know who invited the pastor, and so I asked every single person in the office and finally I found Denies Hemple. She gladly took my number and house address and said to me, “Pastor Roger will be at your house at 15:00 today.” She then gave me a Gospel tract, and I read that tract on my way to class, during class, and at break time. I could not wait to go home. I had tears in my eyes the whole day. The Holy Spirit had my heart, and He would not let go. Finally, I got home, cleaned the house, and at 15:00 sharp a Toyota Corolla pulled in my driveway and out came a white- headed man with a Bible in his right hand. He opened the Bible and showed me how to be saved and at that very day in my house in my living room, I welcomed Christ into my heart. I never did look back after then, and after a few months, I felt a great need to preach and tell all those around me about this wonderful Christ. I had a deep burden for souls, and I could not shake the feeling, the yearning off my chest. I knew at the back of my head that it was the Lord calling. I talked to my pastor about it, and we prayed, and here I am today still with the same yearning and fire burning within my heart 15 years later. Recently, Pastor Sthembiso performed his first baptism and it was evident he was a bundle of nerves. He struggled with his wording in acknowledging the Trinity correctly before baptizing his candidate. After it was over and we were getting changed in the dressing room, Sthembiso suddenly shouted, “Pastor, I forgot the Holy Spirit!” Of course, the Holy Spirit, although not verbalized, was obviously not forgotten as His sweet presence filled the church. Somehow I think the Lord will overlook the oversight this time. Please pray for Sthembiso as he continues to minister for the Lord and reach souls for Christ. W 26 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2015