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Southeast Asia Greatness Revealed in Time of Tragedy By Cory McTague The first thought in my mind as the ground began to rumble and the house shook violently was “Not now, we are just getting to the best part of the sermon!” The sermon was good. I was frustrated I had to cut it short. I could not fathom how the next 90 seconds would change life in Nepal. This was the beginning of the Great Earthquake that devastated much of Nepal on April 25, 2015. The following account gives a brief recap of all that has transpired in Nepal over the last three months. You will see two consistent factors: the great need for the Gospel and our great God who graciously helped us through it all and always works ALL things for good to those who love Him. God graciously kept our sanctuary from collapsing. As the quake hit, some sat speechless and many screamed from sheer terror. My wife was in a classroom behind the auditorium with our two children. She screamed my name for help. She was scared and confused. With tears streaming down their faces, she and all the people sat staring at me for guidance. “Everyone get on the floor,” I instructed. We sat on the floor waiting out the severe aftershocks for five minutes. The shaking was too violent to remain standing. When the quaking stopped long enough, I gave instructions to assemble just down the road in an open field. Kathmandu is renowned for narrow streets, poorly built concrete buildings, and overcrowding— the perfect circumstances for a high 10 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2015 casualty count. The streets were full of people running for safety. The field was full by the time we arrived. Every piece of open ground would remain occupied by terrified occupants for months to come. We sat in the field for a few minutes before one of our members suggested we sing. We began to sing “Yesoo bardanko mule dara—Come thou fount of every blessing.” We needed the comfort of those words. The lost Nepalis and Tibetans surrounding our group were terrified. But, for the next hour they would be comforted by believers sharing the Gospel of peace through song. I was proud of our small group unashamedly claiming Christ in this time of tragedy. The peace of God came to each believer as we sang. We began to smile at one another. Tears came as we realized His presence among us. While we were surrounded by terrified idolaters, the peace He gave us truly passed our understanding. That peace was used as a powerful witnessing tool as we spoke to unbelieving friends, families, and prospects about salvation for many weeks to come. In a time when many unbelievers turned to alcohol and the government, believers turned to God’s grace and His unchanging Word for hope against the daily fear of further quakes. The contrast was so sharp, Assistant Pastor Prakash Lama gained a reputation as “the fearless young man” among the neighbors in his building. God used this testimony greatly throughout the following months. The