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Far North Why Ottawa? By Jeff Smith “Why Ottawa?” is a question we hear often while on deputation. We usually answer in two ways. First, we are convinced this is the city to which God is sending us for our missionary/ church planting ministry. Second, there is great need and opportunity for the Gospel in Ottawa. From the very start of God working in our lives in the fall of 2005, we knew our calling in the Gospel ministry was that of missionary service. From that time forward, we began to pray for God’s direction regarding the geographical location. We prayed, researched, and traveled during this time. Since I had worked eight years on the family dairy farm and in the family construction business, we, at first, thought that God would direct us to a remote, third-world mission field where I would have some useful experience in agriculture and construction. But God soon gave us another desire. After mission trips and lots of prayer, the first sense of direction we felt God gave us was the desire to be in a city ministry. God impressed on my heart that Good News should go to people— lots of people. God used a relationship and two short ministry trips to show us that Ottawa is the city where He would have us serve Him. The relationship God used to introduce us to Ottawa was with 8 Steven and Debra Michel. Steven Michel is the assistant pastor to Pastor George Covey at Carleton Baptist Church (CBC) in Orleans, Ontario. Our first short missions trip to Ottawa was with our sending church and nine teenagers to help CBC conduct their Summer Day Camp. Our second trip to Ottawa was a construction missions trip to help CBC construct the footings for their first church building. This second trip was a BIMI CLAIM trip led by Missionary Phil Smith. Kim and I were slow to realize that Ottawa was a legitimate and needy mission field in the same way that a poverty-stricken, faraway place was a mission field. God used these people and these trips to turn our eyes and hearts to Ottawa. On these trips we saw what God could do through a Gospel-preaching church in a metropolitan city. We saw primary school- age children pray for salvation and we saw a growing multi-cultural congregation at CBC. There is great need and great opportunity for the Gospel in Ottawa. God continues to reveal this to us as we research the city. Ottawa is a significant point of entry into Canada for immigrants from around the world. Canada is third in the world as a country receiving immigration. “One in four Ottawa residents is an immigrant.…All parts of the world are