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Far North Remote But Reachable By Nate Minion Labrador is an obscure and a spiritually dark corner of Canada. In 1792 William Carey, the Father of Modern Missions, bemoaned the lack of Baptist missionaries who would preach the Gospel around the world. He said, “Have not the (Catholic) missionaries surmounted all those difficulties which we have generally thought to be insuperable? Have not the...Moravian Brethren, encountered...the frozen climes of Greenland, and Labrador, their difficult languages, and savage manners?” He went on to plead for Baptist missionaries to take the Gospel to the regions beyond. As far as I know, for over 200 years following that plea for missionaries, there has been a sad lack of independent Baptist missionaries taking the Gospel to Labrador. In 1995 BIMI missionaries Steve and Kathy Stone moved to Labrador to start a church. They spent eight years serving in Western Labrador and organized a church there. Unfortunately, that church no longer exists. Since 2003, Labrador has once again been without an independent Baptist church. Oh yes, they have Catholics, Pentecostals, and Jehovah’s Witnesses, but 6 there has not been another independent Baptist church established in Labrador. God has called us, Nate and Christy Minion, to take the light of the Gospel to Labrador. Several years ago while I was in Bible college, God gave me a burden for the people of Labrador. Labrador has relatively few people compared to the great cities of Canada, but the people of Labrador cannot be ignored. Too long they have waited for the light of God’s Word. Too long they have waited for someone to give them the truth of the Gospel. Together with Newfoundland, Labrador makes up the easternmost province of Canada. Newfoundland is a large island and Labrador is the mainland part of the province. Labrador is a remote area. It contains tundra, forests, mountains, glaciers, and countless lakes and rivers. Central Labrador has a sub-arctic cli- mate. Temperatures range from 70ºF to -30ºF. The average snowfall is 12–15 feet. The climate in Labrador is a cold, harsh climate. More importantly, the spiritual climate in Labrador is cold and harsh. There are six good indepen-