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Six Calls in One Day Addressing Churches in Decline By Bob Larson It was mid-December 2014 at the BIMI World Missions Center. I was looking forward to catching up on things that had piled high on my desk due to our travels with the Reseeding America ministry since late summer. It was a Tuesday morning when my phone rang and a man introduced himself as a member of a church in a neighboring state. He was the last remaining deacon and they had been without a pastor for five months. He heard that the BIMI Reseeding America ministry restarted churches and he was wondering if BIMI could help his church find a man to help them restart the church and eventually pastor it. Bob Larson USA Director The number of calls I receive like this is increasing. A congregation loses their pastor and the church struggles to find a replacement. Since the search for new leadership can take time, some members begin to leave. The church then has to find a pastor who will accept a call to restart the church and possibly work a secular job or have some form of support because they can no longer pay a full-time man. I received six calls that day from churches in decline that needed to be restarted! I thought, “Where are the laborers?” I remember praying and asking the Living God to raise up men who would answer the call to restart churches in decline. Restarting a church may seem a lot less attractive to a church planter than planting a new work. Many church planters do not want to pastor a church in decline or that has closed. After all, God has called the church planter to plant a church, not restart a church. Some churches are less willing to support a man who is restarting a church, making it much 4