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A View of a Lighthouse from Three Perspectives The Right Lighthouse By Eero Sorila (Canadian visitor) You are searching for lighthouses around the world as additions to your lighthouse photo collection. This time, you learn of a lighthouse from your helpful bus driver. Your traveling style is more by intuition than by meticulous planning. After a 30-minute bus ride from the Caribbean city of St John's, the capital of Antigua and Barbuda, the bus stops. The Antiguan bus driver, a heavyweight boxer type, points in the direction you need to walk to find the lighthouse. Away he drives and you are on your own. Looking across the road, you become very disappointed. A twelve-foot tall structure, a copy of a lighthouse made of sandstone, stands in the front lawn of a long metal building with metal siding. There is not even a drop of water nearby nor the sea coast where a real lighthouse belongs. Mentally you are protesting because you were taken to a fictitious lighthouse. Regardless of your disappointment, you take a photograph of it, but it will not be included in your lighthouse collection. This island nation has 95 miles of shoreline, but later you find out that the only real lighthouse is far away on a tiny island. You bury your dreams of photographing it. Filled with curiosity, you knock on the door of the building next to the so-called lighthouse. You are surprised as a friendly man opens the door and invites you to come into the building. The friendly man is Jerry Baker from Florida, and he manages the Caribbean Radio Lighthouse, a Christian radio station in Antigua. In addition to the 87,000 inhabitants of Antigua and Barbuda, thousands of listeners inside and outside the Caribbean receive the Gospel message over the radio waves. 28 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2015