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A Divine Appointment Behold, I stand at the door, and knock (Revelation 3:20a).  By David Jeffries In August 2010, I heard someone knocking on my door. I opened the door and accepted a life-changing invitation that brought joy and strength to my family of five. I was born in 1979 in the city of Seoul, South Korea. My unsaved father was a soldier in the US Army and my saved mother was Korean. We experienced our first move with the Army in 1985 when my father received orders for Panama. My mother, brother, and I started attending the First Baptist Church of Balboa. At the age of six, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and followed Jesus in baptism. After I accepted Jesus, I shared my faith with my father—he could care less. My submissive mother had a heavy heart and burden to see my father saved. At the time, I thought I could win my father over, but my mom knew God had to do a work only He could do. She knew we needed to pray and live by God's Word. Evenings in Panama consisted of sleeping in the pew as my mother prayed at the altar. After praying, we would search for my father in the local bars and nightclubs. One year later, Jesus knocked on my father's door and he let Him come into his life. Our family changed dramatically! By the age of seven, I saw what the power of prayer could do and how God could transform a 45-year-old man. Shortly thereafter, I witnessed how God humbled my father's heart. My father was cutting the church grass on a hot, humid day. The property took several hours to cut and trim. I remember his grumbling about how fast this would go if we had more volunteers. As he cut, a lady in tattered clothes walked down the street and stopped in front of the church. She said to my father, “I am thirsty, can you bring me a cup of water?” My father, visibly annoyed, told her to walk into the fellowship hall and use the water fountain. The lady persisted that he bring her some water. I had never seen anyone demand anything from my father. I was caught off guard when he said, “Wait here and I will bring it to you.” His strong, commanding voice turned submissive and the arrogant pride fell from his chest as he made his way to the fellowship hall. When we walked back outside with the cup, the lady was gone. God had begun to strengthen our family by teaching us lessons about humility and service. I followed my father's footsteps in 1998 and joined the Army. I left the uniform in 2005 and began serving our country as a federal employee. My faith was tested and even though I had seen God work in a submissive heart, I chose not to follow. Amidst my trials and frustrations, Jesus was still there providing and caring for my family. During a deployment to Iraq in 2004, my unit experienced multiple mortar attacks. A mortar round landed in our work area and failed to detonate. On my way back from the gym, a mortar round exploded ten feet from me, but I was shielded by barriers. The protective hand of Christ was around me even though I held Him at arm's length. In 2010, I was the youngest individual to be promoted into a leadership position within my command and I was filled with pride. Even though God's provisions were bountiful, I claimed the glory for the work He had done in my life. God had a plan to deflate my ego and put things in perspective.