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New Church Plant at Fairfield, Connecticut By Bob Larson Fairfield, Connecticut, sits fifty miles northwest of New York City and is located along the Long Island Sound. It is a city rich in history dating back to the Revolutionary War. Two years ago, parts of Fairfield and neighboring Bridgeport were hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Many of the homes close to the water's edge were extensively damaged by the storm surge. The rebuilding of numerous homes continues today. Fairfield and Bridgeport have a combined population of over 200,000 people. Many who live in these communities commute each day by ferryboat, train, or automobile into the New York City area to work. They live fast-paced, stress-filled lives. Thousands of the residents of Fairfield and Bridgeport have never had anyone share the love of Christ and give them a clear Gospel presentation. It was a joy and a privilege to meet John and Abby Lafreniere a few years ago as they came to BIMI to be accepted as Reseeding America church planters and go through our Candidate School and Church Planting School. John and Abby were excited about starting a new church in Fairfield and reaching out into Bridgeport to capture these cities for Christ. Their deputation ministry took them across this nation as they faithfully shared their burden in many churches for these cities in the Northeast United States. God blessed them with a little baby boy (Elijah) who took to traveling and being in one church nursery after another and charming everyone who would stop to visit with this church planting couple. I remember the morning I received a call from John as he shared with me that Abby was undergoing extensive tests. The doctors were concerned that she may have ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease. The tests confirmed that Abby had ALS. I am always amazed at the incredible grace of our loving God and how His Spirit enables people during great times of difficulty and hardship. It has been a tremendous blessing and challenge to see this young family continue in spite of Abby's illness. They finished their deputation and then set out to start the new church in Fairfield. My wife and I arrived in Fairfield early in September (25 days before the Grand Opening of the new church) to find John, Abby, and little Elijah 24 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2015