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From Altar Boy to Pastor By Bruce Rice Your investment in world missions is an investment in the lives of people. Anecito “Boy” Calibuhan grew up in a small town on southern Negros Island in a traditional Roman Catholic family. He served as an altar boy for several years and attended an all male high school for young men interested in becoming priests. However, from Anecito's graduating class, only he and one other young man passed the stringent entrance exam to enter seminary in preparation for priesthood. Surprisingly, Anecito changed his mind and decided to enroll at a secular university instead. He later dropped out of college, got married, and eventually joined the Philippine army. In early 1993 at the age of 27, Cpl. Calibuhan was assigned to the military base in Cagayan de Oro City on Mindanao. His wife, Nancy, and their three young children followed him later. In October of that year, Anecito was invited to attend “Friend Sunday” at Lapasan Baptist Church. It was the first time he ever attended a Baptist church. The Gospel was preached that morning and he came forward for salvation. Two months later his wife was saved. Immediately Anecito and Pastor Calibuhan leading a study 14 BIMI WORLD Number 1, 2015 Nancy began to grow in the Lord. Three years after Brother Anecito was saved, he was asked to take over a Sunday school class for new believers. The next year he became a deacon. As Anecito continued to mature spiritually, he also grew professionally. He went back to college taking night classes and earned a bachelor's degree in mass communication. Later he earned a master's degree in public administration. He reached the rank of Master Sergeant. Two different times he was sent to the United States for specialized training with the American military. He became an instructor at the infantry training school in Mindanao. Several times Anecito was offered an officer's commission as a Major in the Philippine army but turned them down. He sensed God had a much higher calling for him and wanted no obstacles when the time came. After 21 years of service, Anecito Calibuhan left the military to prepare to preach the Gospel. Two months later in May 2009 he moved his family to Dipolog City so he could attend Westside Baptist College of Ministry