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Africa A Compassionate God By Roger McCrum — South Africa Roger & Darlene McCrum I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion (Romans 9:15). We learned long ago that God's ways are past finding out and that His will is not to be challenged nor examined. If He chooses to be compassionate, we rejoice knowing it is not due to any human merit. Francois and Caroline Steyn, along with daughter Natasha, were gloriously saved in their home about two years ago. They began attending church for a couple of Sundays but suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. All attempts to reach out to them failed, and they did not attend any services for over a year. Sadly, we felt we had lost them for good. One evening while visiting family, Francois and Caroline heard a loud crash outside. They rushed out to discover that a young man had lost control of his motorcycle. His bike had crashed into Francois's car while the cyclist was hurled through the air, striking a lamppost. After finding no pulse, Francois stood to his feet and said, “I wonder if he was right with God?” Immediately, Caroline commented, “Well, we aren't right with God! All we do is fight!” Right then and there, Francois said with resolve, “We are going back to church tomorrow!” That was over six months ago, and the Steyn family has been coming faithfully to church ever since. Recently, they began making renovations to their home with the idea of opening a day care for preschool children. “Pastor,” he explained, “we feel this is of the Lord, as we have a desire as a family to influence Steyn Family and  minister to children in a spiritual way. ” My wife, Darlene, and I have been encouraged by the steady growth of the Steyn family. We have not witnessed such spiritual enthusiasm for the Lord in several years! We were reminded again not to give up on people so quickly, for truly our God is longsuffering— and His compassions fail not (Lamentations 3:22). W 17