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Africa Having passed out countless tracts and Bible portions over the years, I am always thrilled when visible results are seen. Those results are obviously from the Lord, but they come through the scores of supporters who provide funds for the printing of these valuable resources. The following story is one of many. Seeing the church sign at the corner of our street, Combaté (pronounced com-ba-tay) decided to visit our church that next Sunday. It was the first time he had ever visited a church. Quietly, he slipped in the back and quickly left before the final prayer. He continued faithfully coming for about a month; however, as before, he would slip in just after the service started and he would leave just before the end of the service, thus preventing me from speaking with him. Finally, after a month I moved to the rear of our church before starting the last hymn of that Sunday morning service and caught him before he left. I asked him to come and visit me during the week. Bob and Combate ´ 14 Combaté came the following day. After accomplishing the cultural formalities of greeting, I began to speak with him concerning salvation. I told him I knew he had heard the