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Southeast Asia dedicated to reaching the deaf By Steven Maldoff and Alan Brooks Throughout Southeast Asia there are a wide variety of people groups, each with their own distinct culture. One specific group spreads across all international borders without skin color, nationality, or even language in common. They are the deaf. The challenges in ministering to the deaf are multiple. Missionaries to the deaf have to learn a different spoken language with all of its nuances. They also have to discover how to communicate with the deaf of that particular country since there is no universal sign language. In fact, some countries do not have an official sign language. Currently, four families in Southeast Asia have a passion for reaching the deaf with the Gospel. Robert and Lisa Gunter as well as Robert and Mary Fuller are reaching the deaf in Australia, while Akin and Snowy Devkota are on deputation to go to the deaf in Nepal. One couple works with the deaf in an undisclosed country. 1. Apart from the Lord, what caused you to have a burden for the deaf? Name withheld: My father is deaf and both my parents have been missionaries to the deaf for many years. I learned through their ministry that if individuals will take the time and immerse themselves wholeheartedly into deaf ministry, the deaf can and will be saved and will become disciples of Jesus Christ and reach others with the Gospel. Also, the Lord used a national pastor (hearing) who worked in the deaf ministry alongside my parents, to point out the obvious need for messengers of the Gospel among the deaf by saying, “If not for me, if not for your parents, then who would have reached these deaf with the Gospel?” Robert and Mary Fuller: I, Mary, was born deaf into a Christian home where my father was a pastor. As a result of my parents telling me about Jesus, I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 19. I realized that there are other deaf people who do not have the same opportunity I had in growing up in a Christian home and knowing Christ. As a young girl, I often wondered if there was a deaf person reaching other deaf for Christ. Little did I know that God would call me to be a missionary to the deaf. Name Withheld 10 Akin & Snowy Devkota