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Central America In His Time By Christine Cerna We got the phone call on a hot afternoon. Some situations in life make you wonder “Why?” This was one of them. Anybody who knows anything about El Salvador knows it is a country laden with crime. From robberies to kidnappings, it seemed that most of the crime stemmed from gang activity, and those who were somehow entangled with gang members experienced the crimes. But this phone call changed those perceptions. The pastor of the church where we worked for two years called us to share the news. A brother in Christ was shot and killed in front of his house, coming from his car after work. We were shaken, unable to find any sense in this horrid crime. Why? This man was a soul winner. His zeal for the Lord was the main topic at his funeral. Many spoke of his desire to tell others of God´s love. Stories were shared about how he lost clients at work because he witnessed to them. But he said he would rather lose work than have someone die without Jesus. Why would God choose to call him home, someone who witnessed at every opportunity? After the funeral the family decided to move to our city (Santa Ana) to flee from the criminals that not only had killed the husband but also had threatened the family. They came to church a few months after the father's death. The four- year-old son's first time in my Sunday school class broke my heart. While we were studying our Bible lesson, this little guy raised his hand. I called on him and he began to tell what had happened to his dad. It was something he did not understand but completely impacted his life. “My daddy is dead. The man came and shot him with a gun.” I instantly found a way to tell him we could talk after class, but he had already shared this with the whole class. I looked over at his older brother (seven years old). He had his head covered with his hands, doing his best to hold back the tears. On a Wednesday night, I clearly remember looking over at this young widow with her shoulders shaking and tears running down her cheeks. Why? Why did this have to happen? Why does this family have to suffer? We understand that many times in life we will not get the answer to that constantly asked question, “Why?” Many times we will not see the big picture until eternity with our Creator. However, I am happy to share, as painful as it was for many people, we see part of God's purpose unfolding. It has been about three years since this man was shot and killed. Since that time so many things have happened in regards to this dear family. The widow became a Sunday school teacher at our church. She has wit- nessed to a number of the children, and they have asked Jesus into their hearts as their Savior. She has brought more visitors to church than probably any other member. Steve & Chris t ine Cerna & family 18 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2014