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Portugal By Jerome Pittman It is very common for families living in Ireland or Great Britain to take what is often referred to as a Sun Holiday. Last summer our family took a Sun Holiday to the coun- try of Portugal. Portugal is located on the southwestern corner of Europe between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. We found the people in Portugal as friendly and warm as the Portuguese sun. Having grown up in eastern Massachusetts, I encountered many people who were Americans of Portuguese descent. My best friend growing up was a boy named Tony whose parents were from the Azores, an island group off the coast of Portugal. The pastor who led me to the Lord and the man who discipled and mentored me were Portuegese–American. Many of these are fluent in the Portuguese language. Could God be calling some of them to return to the land of their ancestry for the cause of Jesus Christ? Portugal has an estimated population of 10,799,270 people (July 2013, CIA World Factbook). The Portuguese have a great spiritual need. There is much work to be done. We were able to visit with national missionary Mark Peria. Brother Mark told us there are only seven independent Baptist missionaries in the land of Portugal. In the land where the “Vision of Fatima” took place in the midst of World War I, a false Christianity maintains a strong hold. Other people groups in Portugal also need to hear the Gospel. There are Brazilian and Angolan populations to reach for Christ. I met many Brazilians whom God brought all the way from the most evangelized country in South America to Portugal to be saved. There is also a large British presence of retirees seeking a warmer place to live in Portugal. Having preached in Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Scotland, England and Ireland, I have personally seen the great need across the European continent. Will you ask God to send laborers to Portugal? Will you ask God to save the lost and dying in Portugal? Will you ask God to send you to Portugal as an Ambassador of Christ with the message of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? W 26