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Mexico I Found the Way— After Searching in the Wrong Places When I entered college, I began to desire to know God as He really is and not how man wanted Him to be. I searched for Him among Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Monks, Dominican Friars and many others. In each group I saw hypocrisy—a lack of congruency between what they preached and what they did. One day I went to a market and saw an elderly man walking barefoot on the hot asphalt—begging. However, when I went by him, he looked at me and said, “Courage, don't give up.” Evidently, I had such a forlorn look on my face he believed I was the one needing encouragement. He made me realize that I was the one who was poor and needy. Several weeks later I heard the Gospel for the first time. With tears in my eyes, I realized that Christ was the One for whom I had been looking. That night I found the Way, the Truth and the Life. I've grown to realize that it isn't simply a privilege to serve Christ, but an honor. I have had the opportunity to preach in prisons here in Mexico City, to witness to young people I meet at the parks and in the streets and to understand that I can do nothing in my own strength. I believe God has called me to the ministry and I have begun to prepare for that calling. My desire is to know, understand and handle God's Word correctly and precisely in sound doctrine, serving in the local church. Paulo and Adita's testimonies were first published in BIMI missionary Mark Whiffen's March prayer letter. Paulo From Near Death to Real Life When I was born, my  mother was a widow and handicapped. She was unable to care properly for me and gave me up for adoption. I was adopted by a Catholic family and educated in a school run by nuns. It was discovered I had musical ability when I was six years old. I received opera training for the next several years that included frequent tours and time away from family. I met a Christian girl who invited me to her church when I was ten years old. My parents found out and became angry and returned me to my biological home. However, they rented an apartment nearby so they could keep an eye on me. At the age of fourteen, I met a man who was seventeen years my senior. I fell in love and my adopted mother supported the relationship because he was Catholic and she hoped this would return me to the Catholic faith. I had not received Christ yet and had no sense that this relationaship was wrong. I became pregnant. One day the man beat me in a rage and left me on the floor, bleeding and dying. As I was lying there, I cried out to God and asked His forgiveness for my sins and asked Him to give me a chance to live and to live for Him. The day I nearly died, I began to really live. I lost the baby but was able to experience true forgiveness and to forgive my family and the man. I was able to lead my biological mother to Christ soon after my own salvation. A few years later I met a wonderful man of God with whom I now share my life. Each day our desire to know and share God's love, faithfulness and forgiveness with the world grows. It is a privilege and an enormous blessing to serve Christ! W Adita 4