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Europe By Ryan Strother My first exposure to London came in the fall of 1996. At that time I was in college earning a BA in History and Political Science. As part of my degree plan, I had gone to live in London for a semester and study history. Though I had been saved as an eleven-year-old boy, I had never been discipled and was not living for the Lord. Never in my wildest imaginations would I have believed the Lord would one day call me back to London to plant and restart churches. In my early twenties I began to get my life right with the Lord. After God called me to preach in the fall of 2000, He immediately began giving me a desire to return to London. In June 2008, after almost eight years of waiting on the Lord's perfect timing, He called us to work as church planting missionaries in the United Kingdom. We were serving on staff at Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, California, at the time. For 17 days in August 2012, the attention of the world focused on the city where the Lord has called us to labor. I had the incredible opportunity to be in London for seven of those days to take part in evangelistic efforts associated with the Olympics. Though I have visited London several times since college, this would prove to be the most exciting visit because for the first time I actually had the opportunity to be involved in evangelistic outreach. I served under the ministry of a local, independent Baptist church, located in the West End of London. A small team of 15 Christians (including Londoners and visitors from the United States and Northern Ireland) labored in a city of 8 BIMI WORLD Number 3, 2012