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Retired Missionary Musings of a Retired Missionary By Dick Wright We have to admit that sometimes life can be dis- couraging. Praise the Lord, after we go through the valley, God does marvelous and sometimes miraculous things to encourage us. Since retiring to the States, things have not happened the way we thought they would. It felt like God put us on the shelf. The feeling was like we had not really accomplished much for the Lord. Volunteer work for AMG Publishers fills the time, but that is not as fulfilling as serving in a pastoral or teaching role. This question kept coming up in our minds: how much of what has been done was our own effort and how much was God's? We had seen six churches planted in Australia. Ten or twelve men had been saved and trained to go into the ministry. Souls had been saved. Believ- ers had been baptized and discipled. But Australia is not like other fields where missionaries see great numbers of salvations, baptisms and attendance. During our first term in Australia, while starting our first church, we also wrote a four-year Bible college curriculum. We used this to train individu- als in a local church setting. Narayan, an Indian man from Fiji, heard about the curriculum and came to Australia to visit. He asked me to come to Fiji and set up these courses in his little school. The purpose was mainly to train men for evangelism. This was accomplished and I served as president of the school for over l0 years. Each year I visited Fiji for 6–8 weeks to teach and introduce new courses. been put on a DVD along with the student and teacher's texts—most of which were now out of print. We gladly sent him a copy. While still ques- tioning life's meaning shortly before speak- ing to the seniors, I received another email from Narayan. He wrote the follow- ing: “Today there are literally hundreds of Dick & Carolyn Wright people ministering in various parts of the world. Students have estab- lished churches in Fiji, Tonga, New Zealand, Aus- tralia, United States, Canada, Ponephi and in the North Pacific. All because you helped me.” Wow! We didn't do that, but the Lord did! A couple of days later an email came from one of my former students, now a pastor, in Australia. He had submitted the courses to the government for certification and much to our surprise, they had been approved. This means that the courses can be used for transfer and credit to any school (secular or Bible) or college in Australia or any other Com- monwealth nation. There again God reminded that we did not do that, but the Lord did! I received another email from Fiji—we never knew God was that interested in emails to send encour- agement. Narayan said his grandson had made a website and put the courses on it. They could now be used online for studies and degrees by email any place in the world! All we could say was double WOW! We could not do that, but God did! During this time the courses were also being used in 17 other churches—mostly in the state of Vic- toria. We had never been there but another Aussie preacher took the curriculum there unknown to us while we were in the US for furlough. We didn't have anything to do with that, but God did! Sometimes we need to be reminded we accom- plish little in our own strength, but God can take the little we can do and multiply it to His glory far beyond our dreams. We needed to be reminded of that. We are not doing a ministry for God, but God is still doing a marvelous and miraculous minis- try through us. No matter how little the work may seem that you can do, if you will just keep out of the way and stay close to God and trust Him for His guidance, you will be pleasantly surprised one day to find out what He is doing with your life. We came to realize that we do not actually do a ministry for God but God desires to do a ministry through us. Recently, God opened the door for me to speak to a seniors' group. A little later the opportunity came for me to speak to a men's fel- lowship. An email arrived from Narayan early in 2011. He had heard somehow that the courses had May God encourage you this day to keep on keep- ing on and doing whatever He desires you do in your corner of the vineyard. When we get home to heaven, only then will we hear “Welcome home, thou good and faithful servant. Enter into your eternal rewards, reserved and kept in heaven, just for you!” What a blessing that will be! W 28 BIMI WORLD Number 2, 2012