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By Missionary Ron Goodman in Mexico (The following story was translated from a little girl's written testimony.) My name is Sandra Paola Ortega Carrillo. I'm eight years old. My mom is Sandra, and my dad is Carlos. I have a six-year-old brother whose name is Carlos Ivan. Only my brother and I attend church. I began to go when I was five because my Aunt Lupe who goes to the church took care of us while my parents work. I only got to go on Sunday mornings. In the church there is a class for kids six and under. I was in that class and Sister Jeannie would teach us stories from the Bible. One story was called, “Jesus died on the cross.” That story is what made me get saved, because Jesus died on the cross for all of the sins of the world and arose from the dead and is now in Heaven. I kept on listening to the Bible, and one day I understood that I was a sinner and I wanted to be saved. Sister Stacy explained to me how to be saved and then led me in prayer. Now when I die I am going to go to heaven. At school, I witness to my girlfriends but they don't like to hear about God. Sometimes they won't talk to me and I get discouraged and I feel sad, not because they won't talk to me but rather because they closed the door of their hearts to Jesus. That is what makes me sad. But I don't quit trying to talk to them about Jesus. I pray for them that they will be saved so that they will be with me in Heaven. Now I go to church more and I'm learning a lot from the Bible. I would like nothing more than that everyone would hear about Jesus. I'm very thankful to God for my salvation. n BIMI WORLD – Number 2, 2009 9