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The Far North is a land of breathtaking beauty and stark contrasts. Perhaps nothing illustrates these contrasts better than the weather, with temperatures ranging from +100° to -80°. Lifestyles also vary greatly from the subsistance living in tiny villages to the technologically advanced living in megacities. The one constant, from a missionary mindset, is the great need for Christian workers. There is no way to calculate how many missionaries it would take to evangelize the towns, villages and cities of the Far North. Nearly 34 million souls live in Alaska, Canada and Greenland, scattered across the vast landscape. Many of these have never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. The spiritual and physical climate of the Far North is challenging, but the potential of what God can do through a called and surrendered missionary is unlimited. Would you pray about your role in getting the Gospel to the Far North? Alaska The population of Alaska is more than 670,000 souls. “The Land of the Midnight Sun” is in desperate need of the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ! The handful of BIMI missionaries serving in Alaska are in need of reinforcements. What about you? Canada Divided into ten provinces and three territories, Canada is the second largest country in the world, with an area of almost four million square miles. Canada is extremely multicultural and takes pride in the many different ethnic groups represented within its borders. Our missionary families serving in the larger cities of Canada have found the whole world at their doorstep. Opportunities abound for workers in this exciting mission field. Greenland Greenland is more than three times the size of Texas, with a population of less than 60,000. There are only 80 inhabitable places on the island, with about one-fourth of the population living in the capital city of Nuuk. Independent Baptists have been virtually non-existent in this mission field. Would God use you to blaze new roads for the gospel in the arctic terrain of Greenland? 8 BIMI WORLD