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Do you think that God could be calling you to missionary ministry? Are you an Independent Baptist, sent by your local church? If so, we would love to help you pursue God's calling for your life! We can help you reach your mission field! For half a century, Baptist International Missions, Inc., has been serving local churches and their missionaries. BIMI is the delegated assistant to thousands of local independent Baptist churches, helping them complete their task of evangelizing the world. Through the decades, we have helped these churches mobilize more than 2,500 missionaries to the nations of the world. If you are considering missionary service, you have a friend in BIMI. BIMIisafriendthat ...provides guidance and expertise for your ministry Cross-cultural ministry is both challenging and rewarding. Good preparation is essential to success in spiritual ministry. In addition to standard educational requirements, we provide a two-week candidate school and a one-week church planting school. These three weeks of instruction provide critical education concerning specific missionary ministry. For continuing guidance and support, our field directors, ministry veterans, are available for personal encouragement and counsel. Missionaries with BIMI have found their prayer and advice to be an invaluable tool in missions. ...connects you with pastors and churches Our network consists of nearly 8,000 churches that have chosen to partner with us in world evangelism. These churches are generous contributors to missions. They provide the financial support that currently keeps our 1,000 missionaries on the field. BIMI WORLD 29