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Brazil is a big place! Just take a look at a map of South America and you will discover that the country occupies nearly half of South America. Maybe that is why Brazilians call their country “the sleeping giant.” Brazil's megacities, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, are among the ten largest cities of the world. With more than two dozen families, BIMI has more missionaries in Brazil than in any other South American country. Yet, many more are needed to reach the nearly 200 million souls who live in Brazil. These fields are indeed “white unto harvest.” The missionary presence of BIMI in Brazil dates back to the mid-sixties. Through the years, our missionaries have established nearly 150 churches, several Bible Institutes and Christian camp ministries, a national missionary- sending agency, and a national mission to the Jewish people. Our missionaries rejoice in this fruit for His glory! However, there is much that remains to be accomplished. The Brazilian people are warm-hearted and very open to the Gospel. Unlike other countries, Brazil is a fruitful mission field. National Christians and missionaries alike stand united in prayer for more workers for the harvest. Workers with a heart for souls and a love for the Lord are in strong demand. The larger cities alone could use dozens of additional workers. Would you pray about your place in the fertile fields of Brazil? n For more information about the field of Brazil, contact: Dr. Jimmy Rose Brazil Director 864-294-8369 864-918-6710 28 BIMI WORLD