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From the prosperous cities of Australia to the poverty-stricken villages of India, the region of the world that BIMI classifies Southeast Asia is a complex and diverse mission field. Southeast Asia is bustling with people— and religion. Islam, Buddhism, and nearly every other world religion are competing for the hearts of the people. Although BIMI has been laboring in this part of the world for several decades, the need for gospel preaching missionaries is overwhelming. As of this writing, nearly 75 BIMI missionaries are at work in 14 countries. Approximately 125 churches have been established through the decades. About 20 Bible schools and Christian schools have been started throughout the region. Many national graduates have also established churches. Camp ministries in Papua, New Guinea, and orphanages in India are just a few of the ways that missionaries are reaching people for Christ. The Nias Bible Project was another unexpected avenue for ministry—in one of the most unlikely places. Humanitarian efforts in Indonesia—the world's largest Islamic country—opened the door to distribute Bibles to every middle school on the Island of Nias. God's people responded to this unprecedented opportunity with $150,000 to supply the 50,000 Bibles. The gospel was presented in nearly every school. This ministry only planted the seed. Career missionaries are needed who will invest their lives reaching these precious souls with the message of Christ. What shall we say of the other places and people groups of Southeast Asia? Who will respond to the lost billions with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ? In nearly all of these countries, the surface has barely been scratched. American Samoa, Cambodia, Fiji, Myanmar, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand—who will help reach the lost in these nations—just to name a few? Will you? The BIMI missionaries serving in the countries of Southeast Asia are dedicated and faithful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ. They love God— and the people they serve! Oh, that God would call laborers to double their efforts! n 26 26 BIMI WORLD BIMI WORLD