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How can you know the will of God? …that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Romans 12:2) It is certain from Romans 12:2 that God has a perfect will for every believer. But how can we know what that will is? That same verse declares that we can “prove or know” the will of God. God has a place—not every place—not just any place…but a place for us to be and to serve. It has been said that “There is not any place like this place, anywhere near this place so this must be… the place.” What is NOT the call of God? 1. The Need is not the call. Every country on earth has a need. 2. The Opportunity is not the call. There is plenty of opportunity and many open doors. 3. The Ability is not the call. 4. The Invitation is not the call. The need of the whole world cries out for light. 5. The Desire is not the call. All of the above are factors and some or all of these things combine together to bring us to the point of decision. These factors weigh heavily on our hearts and the burden grows until one day we come to a decision—a conclusion—that God is leading us to do a work in a place. 2 BIMI WORLD