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I n the mid 1400's Christopher Columbus discovered what was then called the “New World”. Six centuries later, approximately 50 million people live on this renowned strand of islands that we call the Caribbean. Although most of these islands are now independent governments, their languages reveal the history of the nations that once ruled them. Spanish, English and French are a few of the more common languages spoken on the islands. Early settlers brought numerous religions as well. Today, Independent Baptist churches are located on nearly all the islands of the West Indies. Missionaries affiliated with BIMI have been active in the Caribbean since the early 1960's. Churches, Christian schools, Bible institutes, Bible colleges & seminaries, and a radio station have been established by these faithful missionaries. Nevertheless, many towns and villages of the Caribbean are still in need of a good church. Following are just a few of the opportunities that await us in the Caribbean. The resort areas of the northern Caribbean are situated among the numerous “cays” (pronounced “keys”). These small, sandy islands have been purchased and developed by large tourism companies. They require a huge staff of workers to maintain the resorts. They represent golden opportunities for gospel workers as well. Although a number of good churches exist in the southern part of the Dominican Republic, there are many northern towns that have been overlooked. It is estimated that over 2 million unreached people live in 14 BIMI WORLD this area. The Dominican people are warm, friendly and open to missionaries. On the western side of Hispaniola is the country of Haiti. Over 8 million French/ Creole speaking people reside in this arid country. Influenced heavily by the French, the Catholic Church has played a major role in the religious history—as has Voodoo. More missionaries are needed to preach the Gospel in this sin-darkened place. The island nation of Jamaica has over three million citizens. Although Jamaica is open to the Gospel, it is also one of the most violent places in the Caribbean. We are praying for a dozen couples who would work in close proximity for safety as they start new churches. Would you seriously pray with us for laborers in this harvest field? Over 15,000 Spanish-speaking people have migrated to the island of Antigua. Caribbean Radio Lighthouse is broadcasting daily in English and Spanish. Workers and broadcasters are needed to expand the daily schedule. A small Spanish church has been organized, but they need a pastor. There is also an area of English-speaking people on the far side of the island in need of an Independent Baptist church. Who will go? Columbus discovered a “New World” of opportunities for the King and Queen of Spain. Nearly 600 years later, these same islands contain a precious bounty of eternal souls for the King of kings. May the Lord Jesus Christ empower us to seize the opportunity and recover the lost souls of the Caribbean. n