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Are you one of countless people wondering about God's calling and missions? Filled with sincere and relevant questions, where do you get straight-forward answers? Look no further! Almost 700 have walked through our doors to find where their puzzle piece fits. David McClain, VA: Besides my salvation and marriage, CAMP BIMI has had the single greatest impact on my life. Terry Sharp, Canary Islands: The Staff of CAMP BIMI offers 450 combined years of practical missions experience! It is an invaluable event for anyone considering missions. Don Thatcher, Ireland: See beyond the romance of missions to the reality with the help of a dedicated and concerned missionary staff who want you to find God's best for you. Pastor Robert Wall, MI: We have had several young families, as well as college and high school students, participate in a week of CAMP BIMI or a SMART trip. In my estimation, it is one of the greatest tools the Lord has given us to help people move from considering serving the Lord on the mission field to committing to do just that. Dr. Greg Baker, Canada: Everything about CAMP BIMI compliments what we are trying to do at FaithWay Baptist Church and College of Canada concerning the next generation and world evangelism. For an APPLICATION contact: Dr. Gerry Baughman 423.855.9357 * 423.344.5050 * 423.322.3790 /campBimi/cbInfo.php BIMI WORLD 13