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Far East ministries cover a large and diverse region of the world. Countries range from the largest (China, with 1.33 billion people) to one of the smallest islands in the northern Pacific (Tinian, with a population of 3,500). This area is a part of the 10/40 Window—home to most of the world's unreached people groups. The diversity of the region is so vast that it nearly prohibits description. Consider a few examples. The Far East is home to: • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia—the world's coldest capital city • The Philippines—with some of the warmest temperatures in the world • The vast, sparsely populated plains of Mongolia • The huge metropolitan areas of Beijing, Tokyo, and Manila • Every major religious group—Buddhism, Shintoism, Confucianism, Taoism, Animism, Islam, Catholicism, and Atheism • The poorest nations in the world • The wealthiest nations of the world • Gospel-resistant nations • Gospel-receptive nations Since BIMI started its work in the Far East in the early 1960s, God has blessed the missionar- ies and their outreach with great fruit. Countless thousands have been saved. Nearly one thousand churches have been started. Scores of Bible colleges have been started. Numerous national workers have been trained in these churches and Bible colleges. National missionaries have been sent to the ends of the earth from various countries of the Far East, especially Japan and Philippines. God has moved in a mighty way among the cultures and countries of the Far East. However, the needs in the Far East are still immense. Consider: • The Christian population of Japan is less than 1%. • Scores of cities with massive populations have little or no Gospel witness. • The Philippine Islands are open to the Gospel, yet entire regions remain untouched. • Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mongolia have only one BIMI missionary family at work— they need others to help them. • The Micronesian Islands and Hawaii have only two BIMI families in each, and millions of souls to reach. • Missionaries are getting older. • Populations are growing. • Someone else must go…why not you! 10 BIMI WORLD