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Chad and Cynthia have had the great privilege of serving the Lord at Woodlawn Baptist Church , under Dr. Ron Fenwick and William Tyson, from 1997-2011. Shortly after their conversion, they began working in the bus ministry. They learned about children's ministry and developed an unquenchable desire to serve God during those early years of ministry. Since then, they have served in the church's baseball ministry, teen ministry, printing ministry, discipleship classes, and in the Spanish church. In every ministry, God had allowed them to work with Spanish-speaking people, and burdened their heart for them. They have both worked in the church's Academy; and Chad taught a few years in the Bible Institute.

In 2011 their family answered God's call to go to the Dominican Republic as missionaries. They arrived in Santo Domingo in 2011 and Chad went right into language school. Their family spent 2 years immersed in the language and culture. At the same time, they all had the opportunity to serve in two large churches under other BIMI missionaries. Now that they have learned the language and have adapted to the culture God is moving them to start a church in Nagua, in the Northern region of the Dominican Republic. They are planning to begin this work in 2017.


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