Ferrell & Barbara Kearney

Ferrell and Barbara Kearney were accepted as missionaries with BIMI in November 1965. After completing their deputation, they spent six years in Iceland before going to England in 1973 where they served for 30 years in full-time ministry. During that time they were involved in church planting, education, and summer camp ministries. From 1973 to 2003 the Lord used them in establishing and building four churches.

Milton Baptist Church was one of the church plants in which the Lord used the Kearneys. Along with another BIMI missionary, Ferrell and Barbara helped to start this church in 1974. Milton Baptist Church has had its own building and a national pastor for many years. The Lord continued to use the Kearneys in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in the years that followed.

The Lord called the Kearneys in 1991 to the Bible Baptist Church in Bury, England, to serve in a leadership role. This church had been started fifteen years earlier by a missionary. During their five years with that church, the Lord called one man into the ministry who was called as pastor after his Bible college training. The Lord also enabled the church to purchase an old, disused church building, which has been a wonderful home for the church for almost twenty years.

In 1997 the Lord called Ferrell and Barbara Kearney to work in an old, established church in a small village in South Wales. This church had been without a pastor for five years. They spent six years in this ministry, during which time the Lord called the son-in-law of a church family to pastor that church in 2003.

The Lord led Brother Kearney to help start the Independent Baptist Bible College in 1979 along with three other missionaries. This college has trained local believers to serve in the ministry. During its more than thirty years of existence, the college gave Dr. Kearney the opportunity to teach courses for at least twenty of those years. Recently the college was given a building in central England that will be the home of the college, providing dormitory and teaching space. In 1980, the Kearneys help start the Coventry Christian Academy, using ACE material.

Since 2004 the Kearneys have returned to Great Britain for short-term ministries in eight churches to allow the missionaries to take short furloughs. Through their years of missionary service they have seen the importance of having an experienced missionary to do this "fill in" ministry.

From 2005 to the present, Barbara and Ferrell have made their home on the BIMI campus in Harrison, Tennessee. While living on the BIMI Campus, they are involved in various helps. Brother Ferrell has worked with the maintenance crew in constructing eight houses and in caring for the grounds, mostly mowing lawns. Barbara has helped in various capacities in the main office building.

The Kearneys are members of Lakewood Baptist Church where they take part in all available ministries. Brother Kearney has filled in as substitute Sunday school teacher in several different age groups. He is presently teaching one course in the City Rescue Mission rehabilitation program.

The Kearneys state, "We thank God for His goodness in allowing us to continue to serve him, even in the later years of our lives. As the Lord enables us, we will continue to serve as ARM Personnel."

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