Angela Harper

Wayne and Angela Harper served as missionaries to Australia for over 35 years. Wayne felt the call to plant churches on a foreign field while he attended Bob Jones University. Upon graduation they worked with Pastor John Halsey in Chesapeake, Virginia, for two years as missionary interns to gain practical experience before beginning deputation.

The Harpers first went to Australia in 1976. During the years that followed, they started three churches as well as a small Bible college. The Lord was faithful to guide and bless them. Their ministry included youth/family camps, ladies meetings, men and women's Bible Studies, and numerous outreaches in the communities in which they lived.

Wayne had health problems which began in 2000. In 2009 he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis; however, this did not stop him from continuing his ministry. Yet, the disease progressed and he passed away in August 2014 from further complications with his lungs.

Since Angela's life has centered around missions, her desire is to continue in ministry for the Lord. An opportunity has arisen at BIMI where she can work with missionary children/students. Having raised three children on the mission field, she can relate to parents and the challenges of sending a child back to the States on his own. Not only does she plan to call or write to them but also she will endeavor to visit as many as she can on the campuses where they attend school. Angela is praying the Lord will show her creative ways to help these students and thus be an encouragement to their families.

Angela would appreciate your prayers and support for this vital ministry. Our children are at stake and need positive counsel/encouragement so they will continue to view missions in a good light and perhaps one day join in our efforts to evangelize the world.

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