Jerry & Gail Reece

BIMI Representative and Spanish Literature Ministry

Jerry D. Reece was born on February 12, 1937, in Kansas City, Missouri. He was saved in July 1948 through Vacation Bible School held by the Beacon Baptist Church. When a group from Tennessee Temple University came to Kansas City in 1955, he surrendered to the call to preach in the morning service and was promptly recruited for the college. While at Temple, he felt the call to be a missionary during the Highland Park Baptist Church Missions Conference of his sophomore year. In the second semester of that year, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, with soft brown eyes and a long ponytail, came to Temple. It was love at first sight. As they both had to work full time jobs, there was not much time for courtship, but they managed to spend a few magical hours in the famous “Happy Corner” and the dating parlor. Every date began with prayer. As students, they served the Lord together, teaching Sunday School classes at HPBC, children’s classes in the projects and holding hospital, street and jail services. Jerry was elected President of the College Junior Class and Vice President his senior year at the college. He holds a B.A. degree from TTU, a Master of Education degree from the University of Tennessee and an honorary D.D.

Gail Norris Reece was born on October 31, 1938, in Decatur, Georgia. She was saved at he age of 18 in a Missionary Conference at Antioch Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time of her salvation, she felt God’s call to be a missionary and was counseled by Pastor Durward Williams to attend Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, TN. Within months she found herself at TTU, working at the telephone company in the afternoons and evenings and taking a full academic load. She met Jerry Reece at Temple and they were married on August 21, 1959, after graduation. She has taught in the Walker County School System, Tennessee Temple University, Memphis Baptist College, and Gordon College. She holds a B.A. degree from Temple and a Master of Education degree from the University of Tennessee. They have two daughters, Lori and Shannon. Lori has two sons, Matthew and Jeremy. Shannon has a daughter, Erin, and a son, Jonathan.

We became a part of BIMI in December of 1965. After Spanish language school, we served in Nicaragua four years and in El Salvador, Central America ten years. During that time, as part of great BIMI teams, we were able to plant several churches and start three Bible Institutes that are still preparing men for the ministry. The national pastors that assumed leadership roles in both Nicaragua and El Salvador continue to do a great work for God. Gail and Jerry are grateful to the Lord for the privilege that was ours to help prepare so many men for the ministry.

In the fall of 1976, Gail had open-heart surgery. Four years later, El Salvador fell to communism, just like Nicaragua had done. Since leaving El Salvador in 1980, Jerry has continued a ministry of writing, translating and printing Gospel tracts and literature in Spanish. Jerry has translated of over 8,000 volumes of Dr. Mark Cambron’s book, Bible Doctrines, Beliefs that Matter that have been sent to Bible schools and churches on three continents. In 1981, Jerry was appointed Editor of Spanish Publications. In 1982, he was asked to assist the Caribbean Director in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic where he continues to serve Christ. He is currently writing several books in Spanish and continues to speak in mission’s conferences, preach special meetings in Latin America and teach in Bible Colleges as a guest speaker.

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Dr. Jerry & Gail Reece

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