About BIMI

Our History

In 1917 Anton and Viola Andersen boarded the ship The City of Calcutta to plant their lives in Africa for the sake of the Gospel. Through more than forty years of ministry, thousands came to Christ. In 1955 the Andersen's son Fred, a student at Tennessee Temple, impressed upon Dr. Lee Roberson the need for helpers in the Belgian Congo. In response Dr. Roberson, along with nine other pastors, organized the Southern wing of the Congo Gospel Mission.

When the Congo closed in 1960 because of revolution, Dr. Roberson made the motion that the Mission be enlarged to embrace the world. That led to the formation of Baptist International Missions on June 28, 1960. Since 1960 BIMI has extended its ministries into 100 fields around the world. With one thousand missionaries the Mission continues to assist local churches with their efforts to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our Purpose Statement

Understanding the importance of the Great Commission, our purpose is to assist independent Baptist churches in the establishment of like churches around the world. BIMI exists to serve the local church as it sends missionaries into God's harvest field. As the church's delegated servant, we provide accountability, training and assistance to our missionaries as they carry out their pre-field, on-field and furlough ministries. It is our desire to glorify God through the pursuit of excellence in every area of this worldwide ministry of faith.

Our Structure

BIMI is a mission agency that is operated solely by faith. We are directed by a Board of Trustees comprised of more than 20 independent Baptist pastors who volunteer their time and resources. Field Directors who have many years of experience on the field are responsible for particular areas of the world. Neither the President nor any of our Field Directors receive a salary. Like the missionaries serving overseas, they raise their own financial and prayer support and trust God to provide for them through local churches. Additionally, a number of support staff serve at the World Missions Center. These servants of the Lord have a heart for all His faithful workers serving around the world.

God the Holy Spirit is the One Who calls the missionary (Acts 13:2). In response to that call, the church sends the missionary (Acts 13:3). It is at this point that BIMI stands ready to assist in each step of the church planting process. BIMI has gained a great wealth of experience since its inception in 1960. This experience is available to help local churches and missionaries streamline their efforts in obeying the Great Commission.

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